Transition space (s)

Transition space (s)

Posted on: 25/05/2022

The need of transition space (S) for Neurodivergent and/or disabled people moving from (and to) action, make and doing:

Transition time // Transitional phonic safe // Transitional peripersonal space // Flexible transition space (S)

Some may declare such times as just ‘reflective time’ but consider de-phonic // De-actioned demand-less space //

‘nothing denoted’ // No one denoting // Request-less // ’non categorised time’ - a creative necessity // Non

transmission - transmissioning time // Moving from actionable to non-actionable // Deceleration away from cortisol

adrenaline saturation // Moving from doing to undoing in defiance of external sensory request threats // No tense

Fascia // A lucid loosening to nil requirement // Un-tensing space // A required void of softening // A dip with no

interloper (s) // Nervous system rest bite // A glide instead of a jerk // De-screech from attention shriek //

Deregulating a dysregulated nervous system // Temporary detached necessity // Autonomy boundary choice.  



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