Posted on: 26/11/2023

Contradiction of  ‘mistakes’

‘Make mistakes’!
‘Learn from mistakes’

‘Don’t do that’ mistakes
‘Be brave’ mistakes

‘Laugh at your mistakes’
‘Not like that’ mistakes

Request help with ‘content mistakes’ …..
……get corrected for ‘spelling mistakes’

Judge first ‘mistakes, ‘think later’ mistakes

Costly mistakes

Institutional ‘that’s not our mistake(s)!’
Governmental 'mistakes'……….
‘Learning from our mistakes’, ‘mistakes’, ‘mistakes’ , ‘mistakes’, 'mistakes'

‘Over corrected’ mistaker

Scolded  for YOUR 'mistakes'
Scolded  for YOUR 'mistakes'
Scolded  for YOUR 'mistakes'

'Predictive error message(s)' mistakes

Missed mistakes

‘Human error’ mistakes
Social mistakes

Miss weighted mistakes

Biased mistakes

Punished for others ‘mistakes’
Echo of 'mistakes'

Incorrectly corrected
‘Allowed to make’ mistakes

‘Margin of error’ mistakes
‘Taken advantage’ of mistakes

Interrupted before even able to make mistakes

‘A catalogue of errors’ mistakes

‘Typo’ *seek, scan, mistakes, ‘backspace’. 'Typo’ *seek, scan, mistakes, ‘backspace’. ‘Typo’ *seek, scan, mistakes, ‘backspace’.' Typo’ *seek, scan, ‘backspace’, infinitum, infinitum, infinitum.  

Disproportional ‘amendment’ of mistakes

Accusation of 'mistakes'
‘Burden of proof’'mistakes'

'Never hear the end of' mistakes
Vociferous in-correctors

Oblivious to 'mistakes'
Left to 'make one’s own mistakes'

Natural mistakes
Nothing changes 'mistakes'  

By Pernille Fraser, 2024

*Accompanying Oil painting. 'The Incorrectors' 2021. Formally titled 'Incorrect overcorrectors (Incorrectors)', 2021
“Everyone is policing everyone” Mary Beard, March 2023

©2024 Pernille Fraser