The Truth

The Truth

Posted on: 08/03/2024

The delivery of  Truths:  Mythologies 

*Image: 'Angry mouths.' Pernille Fraser, 2024.  Augmented news imagery. 

'The truth hurts!' they say. This is in fact a generalised untruth. 

The truth doesn't always hurt and doesn't always have to be delivered in a scathing way. 

A little game: 

Do almost all living beings on earth require water to survive? Yes. Did that truth hurt? 

Is light a majority ingredient for photosynthetic organisms on earth? Yes. Did that truth hurt? 

Everything is connected! Yes or no? Did that truth hurt? 

An observational truth: 

The scathing and pain approach is, for me, about reactional teaching and punishment learning. A destroyer of many imagination, learner autonomy and inverter of expansion. 

Personally, I prefer conversations over time. Layered growth over and with time. 

Truths hurt when they are unexpected.  Unexpected timing, unexpected approach, unexpected deliverer, unexpected scrutiny, unexpected exposure, unexpected volumn, unexpected place, unexpected audience and more.  

This adds nuance.  Yes, speak up, but anger needs to be directed towards and in the right spaces and directions. 

Pernille Fraser, 2024

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