‘Mind Feelers‘. Digital media, 2023.
‘Mind Feelers‘. Digital media, 2023.

Pernille takes on 2- 3 commissions a year, working with clients to realise their idea(s).

In terms of process Pernille will typically work, in what she terms a ‘long form’ way, building up layers of a piece, from initial ideas and sketches, through to a finished piece, typically a drawing(s) and/or painting(s). Working from a minimum of a 3 month period to 2 years in one particular case.

Materials, and costs, including time, will be discussed and defined prior to any project, so clients have an idea of what it is entailed.

Ideas and final pieces are dealt with in a confidential manor.

Pernille is particularly keen to work with fellow Neurodivergent people and is happy to discuss ideas in writing, by phone, via zoom or face to face in her studio by appointment. And happy to discuss accessibility needs.

Please contact Pernille via the ‘Contact’ page if you would like to discuss your commission idea further.